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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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Mosquitoes and bugs ruin your meal or outdoor gathering? Get the bugs before they get you! ZappLight® is the LED light that kills flying insects and mosquitoes. This bug zapper light bulb fits into any 110V/120V socket. There no need to buy special fittings. ZappLight® replaces your ordinary light bulbs. This bug zapper light was designed for indoor and outdoor use. ZappLight® has a built-in blue UV light within the wavelength of 365nm. It attracts insects to the high voltage grid, leading to the death of the insect by electric shock of 2000V. There’s no fumes, no chemicals, and no sprays. University tested, ZappLIght® kills mosquito's known to carry Zika, Yellow Fever, and other diseases. This bug zapper has two light modes: bug zapper on, LED light on; or bug zapper on, LED light off. ZappLight® shines a bright 600 lumen and uses 60 Watts (9W when using the LED light only). Now you can enjoy a bug-free evening outside with ZappLight®.

BUILT-IN BLUE UV: attracts and kills flying insects like mosquitoes and gnats.
BRIGHT LIGHT: replaces any standard light bulb with bright LED light; fits in standard 110V/120V socket.
INCLUDED: one (1) ZappLight bug zapper LED bulb.

ZappLight® replaces ordinary light bulbs

No fumes, no chemicals, no sprays

University tested to kill mosquitoes known to carry Zika, Yellow Fever, and other diseases

600 lumen s, 60 Watts

Built-in blue UV light attracts pests

2 light modes

Fits any 110V/120V socket

Not compatible with dimmer switches

1 ZappLight® bulb protects 500 square feet

Includes 1 ZappLight® bulb


HOW DO YOU CLEAN THE DEAD BUGS OUT OF ZAPPLIGHT®? Clean out debris and dead bugs, use the included brush to gently brush out the grid. ARE THERE ANY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS USING ZAPPLIGHT®? ZappLight® utilizes electric shock to kill insects. Always turn off power before installing or removing ZappLight® to prevent accidental electrocution. Injury can result from improper use. WHAT IS THE TEMPERATURE OF THE LED LIGHT? The ZappLight® LED light emits light at 2800 temperature, making it a warmer soft white glow. DOES IT WORK DURING THE DAYTIME? Yes. You can turn the bug zapper on and the LED light off.

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