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Water Filter Finder For Your Fridge

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What Brand Is Your Refrigerator Filter?

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Why you should replace your refrigerator water filter?

When you purchase a NSF-certified fridge filter from the manufacturer or an authorized seller, it will remove the contaminants it's certified to remove. But even the best filter becomes broken and slow, as it filters more and more impurities.

It's important to replace the filter every 6 months—or sooner if you notice water slow at the faucets. You know the filter is doing all it can to ensure you have clean, clear, safe drinking water.

How to replace your refrigerator water filter.

Look for the cartridge cap down on the base grille.

Turn the cap counter clockwise till it's vertical, then pull it out.

Slide the cap off to the left or right.

Save the cap.

Throw away your old filter.

Unpack your new filter and remove the O-ring covers.

Slide the cap back on.Insert the filter back into the base grille with the cap vertical.

Turn clockwise to lock.

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