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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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It's time to pull out the deck of your favorite family game... with a terrifying twist. It's time for Uno Attack! It's the game that you already know and love. 2 or more players gather around for a 30-minute game of tactics and excited shouts of "Uno!" But, there's a new card to bring devastation. Play the Hit card and force the next player to hit the button on the Card Launcher. Will they get a couple cards? Four? Or will that thing just keep going!? Toss in three C batteries to get the game going and bring the exciting twist of random roulette into your Uno game.

Items Included

112 Cards

Card Launcher


For 2 to 10 players

Ages 7+

Game play takes approx. 30 minutes

Card launcher requires 3 C batteries, not included

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