Unisex DIY Hair Color Wax Mud Dyes Cream Temporary Modeling Gray Fashion 100ml - Gold

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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1. The hair color and wax functions in an organic whole At the same time of finalize     the bundle of one-time hair color can according to the mood according to the situation     at random change color and modelling.

2. Don't dye hair would not hurt hair, as long as the daub on the head, color immediately.     Easy to clean, no residue!

3. Not greasy, even more light, hydrolysis ingredients make hair soft shape for easy     cleanup a variety of shapes, for special effects makeup and everyday use.

Item Type: Hair Wax Mud

Color: Gray, White, Green, Gold, Blue

Weight: 100ml

Package Included:

1 x Hair Coloring Wax

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