Ultra-fine fiber wipes towels 40 * 40 thick absorbent towels do not lose hair

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Microfiber towel Advantages: Good water absorption, decontamination, ultra-soft, super long life, easy to clean, not hair loss. The use of ultra-fine fibers:

1. household daily (dry hair towels, dry hair caps, towels) 2. home cleaning (washing dishes, wiping the table, rubbing, etc.) 3. car care (car wash, car) 4. beauty salon industry-specific (beauty towel, dry hair towels, bath towels, etc.) 5. sweat towel 6. gift towels, advertising towels.

Ultra fine fiber cleaning method: Washing machine with washing machine or washing with warm water plus detergent hand wash. After washing, rinse with water. The use of bleach will shorten the service life of ultra fine fiber cleaning towels. In the air to dry or dry in the low temperature. Do not ironing and exposing Product specifications Name: 40 * 40 Microfiber towel Size: 40 * 40 CM New bought towels, the initial use will be a small amount of floating color, a slight fade, hair loss phenomenon, do not worry, can be assured to use. (Product production process: cutting, processing may fall into or dip some fine hair, floating hair). The first time, these are normal Package Content: Microfiber towel * 10

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