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These ergonomically designed soft weighted balls can also be a great dumbbell substitution, fitting the curves of your hand perfectly to alleviate any wrist or arm discomfort during upper body exercises.

Comes in 6 ideal resistance options for building strong and lean muscle, ranging from 2 lb to 8 lb and color-coded!

Ideal for improving flexibility, balance and muscle strength

Use as an unstable surface or weight to engage deep stabilizing muscles

Comfortably designed to fit perfectly in your palm

Made of a soft yet durable PVC exterior and a natural sand filling

Compact and portable for workouts on the go


2 lb (Green) - 4.7” Diameter

3 lb (Red) - 5.1” Diameter

4 lb (Blue) - 5.5” Diameter

5 lb (Yellow) - 5.9” Diameter

6 lb (Grey) - 6.3” Diameter

8 lb (Black)- 7” Diameter

Material: PVC exterior, natural sand filling

Care instructions: Clean with disinfecting wipe or wet cloth. Let air dry.

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