Temporary Hair Dye Comb

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Texas Round Pen


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Mini Disposable Personal Salon Hair Dye Comb 

6 bright and vibrant colors to choose from.

Use one or several; use them individually or mix and blend colors.

Great edge chalkers color essentials set for Halloween makeup, dress party, cosplay, live music show.

Change your hair color in minutes: the comb applicators make it quick and easy to put dazzling colors into your hair, creating a beautiful and unique look for yourself

Hair chalk can be applied to hair of light color; it will be harder to achieve bright colors on very dark hair.

Safe to use and easy to wash out, washes out with ordinary shampoo and water Easy dye, easy clean, ideal for instant temporary hair dye work

Your hair will look soft and flowing: even when you apply a lot of color

Once you brush it out, your hair will be supple and natural, not stiff and sticky.

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