Tea Tree Essential Oil with Antifungal Antibacterial Benefits

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Essential Oil with Anti-fungal Antibacterial Benefits


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Tea Tree Essential Oil with Anti fungal Antibacterial Benefits

THERAPEUTIC TEA TREE OIL high potency essential oil is a gentle purified detoxifying anti-fungal antibacterial antiseptic & antimicrobial healing solution for a variety of hair skin & nail conditions.

HEALING ESSENTIAL OIL relieve acne psoriasis anti dandruff prevent lice hair loss sore muscles nail fungus. Heals cuts scrapes bruises piercings & burns as it boosts immune system & promotes wellness. Also helps sores caused by face masks.

PERFECT FOR DIY undiluted tea tree oil to make your own shampoo conditioner body wash deodorant moisturizer soap aromatherapy massage oil and even a chemical free all-purpose cleaner for home.

AUSTRALIAN MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA freshly steam distilled from leaves for 100% pure plant therapy. The terpine-4 compound makes it great for skin care hair care and nail care for men and women.

It’s important to dilute tea tree oil extract with a carrier oil. Our therapeutic formula contains no additives or preservatives. Natural oil makes a great gift for Mom & Grandma.

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