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Taste of Wisconsin Gift Basket

Taste of Wisconsin Gift Basket is loaded with great food made in Wisconsin. Each basket will be generously filled with delicious Wisconsin cheese, sausage, soda, popcorn, cookies, and more (full list of items is below). There are so many tasty Wisconsin foods that there is not enough room in this gift basket for everything! A great gift idea for any birthdays, thank yous, and other special occasions.

On rare occasions, or during warm weather, a product of equal or greater value may be substituted if a listed product becomes unavailable or is unsuitable for shipping. Colors of gift basket may vary.

Gift Basket items: 
Wisconsin State Cheddar Cheese - 4 oz.
Usinger's Summer Sausage - 8 oz.
Slack's Homemade Jam - 2.75 oz.
Bottle of Sprecher Root Beer Soda - 16 oz.
Kallas Honey - 5 oz.
Wisconsin White Birch Popcorn - 4 oz.
Pure Maple Syrup - 3.4 oz.
Nikki's Shortbread Cookies - two 2-packs
Lost Acres Mustard - 1.4 oz
Small crackers
Wisconsin Triple Mix Popcorn - 4.5 oz.

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