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Sweetheart Flower Bouquet

Texas Round Pen


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Be the first to enjoy our new line of Lovepop Flowers - larger, standalone centerpieces that are perfect for giving and displaying. Lovepop Flowers have the same intricate detailing as all of our Lovepop greeting cards, and they come beautifully packaged in a protective envelope.

Let love bloom with a pop-up bouquet that’s made to last. Our Sweetheart Flower Bouquet is an undeniably unique gift for the brightest bloom in your bunch. Some may even call it a work of heart.

Size: The Sweetheart Flower Bouquet is 10.75 inches wide by 13.75 inches tall when fully unfolded.

Quantity: One pop-up Sweetheart Flower Bouquet with a Lovepop Note, packaged in a love-filled sleeve.

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