Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbits 6oz - 12ct

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Offer a traditional look that's full of rich flavor! Each bite offers a smooth texture with the irresistible taste of high quality milk chocolate. This confection is perfect for your Easter candy collection.

Each bar is fashioned into a classic rabbit with realistic detail. The rabbit appears to sit tall, with his ears upright, eyes open and layers of fur visible all the way down to his adorable feet. Our solid milk chocolate rabbits come individually wrapped so your treat remains fresh when ordering early. Stand them upright in an Easter basket to add visual appeal or hide them along with Easter eggs and let kids search for their chocolate!

Order our bulk milk chocolate bunnies to share with coworkers in spring, give them to teachers as an appreciation gift or save them as a fun snack for the kids. Enjoy high quality milk chocolate this spring with Niagara candy rabbits!

Price per piece: $6.08

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