Smartech WBC-200 6V/12V Wheel Automotive Battery Charger

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

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Smartech WBC-200 6V/12V Wheel Automotive Battery Charger

This charger utilizes a powerful built-in microprocessor that guarantees safe and efficient operation while charging your batteries quickly and maintaining them indefinitely

Charges all Acid Lead 12 V/6 V Compatibility

Utilizing a 200 Amp engine start function, you can use this powerful charger to jump start most passenger vehicles or small truck!

Integrated Safety Features ensure protection for you and your batteries, preventing sparks, overcharging, reverse polarity and more!

The Alternator Check Function allows you to learn the status of your automobile’s alternator to detect fault or failure

Know the status of your batteries and charge them faster with our integrated voltage tester and 40 Amp boost function.

Digital Readout enables quick and easy charger operation

Integrated wheels for easy mobility and collapsible handle for easy storage.

12 Feet of total cord reach makes certain you will have plenty of cable to reach your batteries.

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Heavy Duty clamps Included

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