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Style: ​Recessed Square

Face Frame: ​​​3/4” Solid Eucalyptus​ ​Grandis

Door Frame: ​​3/4” Solid Eucalyptus​ ​Grandis

Door Center: ​1/2”​ ​Eucalyptus​ ​Grandis

Sides: ​1/2" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

Top & Bottom (Wall): ​1/2" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

Bottom (Base): 3/8" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

Back Panel: ​Wall Cabinets: 1/2"

Picture Frame Recess Style, Base Cabinets: 1/2" Full Back​

Shelves: ​3/4 " A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: ​1/2

Drawer Front: 5-pc recessed panel

Drawer Box: ​Solid Wood 17mm (close to 3/4") sides, Drawer bottom 1/2" plywood, Drawer length 21". Dovetail construction, Natural finish.

Drawer Glides: ​Under-mount, full extension with soft closing feature

Base Corner Supports: ​Wood corner brackets with wood I-beam construction

Overlay: ​Full with Butt doors

Hinges: ​Concealed 6-way adjustable with Soft Closing Feature

Cabinet Interior: ​Matches door finish

Center Stile: ​No center stile on cabinetry 24"W to 36"W

Assembly Method: ​Steel Clip

Finish: ​Waterborne UV finish by Sherwin-Williams

Toe Kick: ​ 1/2" Plywood

Installation Rail: ​1/2" Plywood

CARB Compliant: Yes

Door Hinges: ​Hinged To The Right By Default. For Wall Cabinets The Face Frame Can Be Flipped. For Base Cabinets Unhinge The Door, Flip It, Screw Holes On The Opposite Side To Re-Hinge, And Then Fill The Original Holes (Touch Up Kit Can Be Purchased For This) Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets: ​​Yes Side Panels Finished: Yes Installation/Design Note: ​

The full-overlay door style leaves roughly a 1/4" clearance on the edge. If installed directly against a wall or deeper cabinet and a cabinet door opening of at least 90 degrees is desired, scribe molding should be installed between the cabinet and the wall (or deeper cabinet). If not, the door may not be able to open a full 90 degrees. For a full opening, a space of at least 1/4-1/2" is necessary, a larger space may be needed depending on the decorative hardware used on the cabinets.

The cabinet depth measurement listed is the depth from the front of the face frame to the back of the cabinet, and does not include the cabinet door depth.

Cabinet specs are subject to change without notice. *Cabinet measurements are typically converted from metric to inches and manufacturers will commonly round up to the nearest 1/4 inch. This can cause a measurement to be off by a fraction of an inch (less than 1/4") which is within normal industry standards*

Schematic images are generic and may not represent exact construction details for each collection. The exact specifications for this collection can be found in the construction details listed above.

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