Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Texas Round Pen


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Solemate™ : Made of flexible + high temperature silicone, allows you to place Me face down while ironing and quickly store away 

Built-in hook: With power cord tether for easy storage

1000w:  Heats up in seconds.

Universal Voltage: Easily switch between 220/240V + 110/120V ideal for travel.

Diamond Coated Ceramic

Soleplate : Maintains even heat and effortlessly glides over fabrics.

1-touch steam control: Gives you 2 steam settings: horizontal burst + vertical burst.

Ergonomic Design: Snugly fits into the palm of your hand and has weight-balanced for precision movement and minimal strain on your wrist.180° Pivot Cord:  Pivot for both right + left hand use and stays safely out of your way.

Detailer Tip: My super-sharp detailer gets into the smallest seams and corners you never thought possible.

Fabric Selector:Evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics + wool + cotton.

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