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Leather Conditioner

If you cherish your leather boots, leather bags, and leather shoes as much as we do, you'll want them to last as close to forever as possible. We've come up with a conditioner (and balm) so darn good, even your 'back up' boots will look more like new additions.

Leather conditioner is a natural, water-based formula of vital oils and nutrients.  Our leather conditioner will absorb gently into the leather replenishing natural oils and bring your leather back to near new condition.  Our lightly scented Rosemary Mint formula will keep your leather healthy, supple and soft.  It can be used on many different leather items such as boots, bags and saddle/tack. Texas Quality Leather Care!

This product is NOT suitable for nubucks, suedes, suede-like finishes or extremely soft leathers. Leather may darken with this treatment. Use will lessen the affect of stonewashed or distressed finishes. Test in discreet areas before using.

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