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Be Careful Who You Hang With

Be careful who you hang with this Valentine's Day! Life can surprise you with all its ups and downs. God only wants us to create more ups than downs. Being a decent person and loving your friends, family, acquaintances, employee, etc is not a hard thing to ask. Or is it? I have questioned this all my life.

I turned 60 this year. I have traveled far for lifetime partner, friends, family and good employees from the past. My eyes, lungs and heart went bad in my search. It still kills me today to remember lifetime bad choices and relationships chosen poorly. But all these heartaches have caused experience that made me modestly humble without outlandish pride.

How many times have you seen a friend or family member with the wrong person? Should you interfere or just pray? Can this situation be changed or is it God's will? Have I spoken out when things should have been left alone? I have crossed a thousand or more good folks going down the wrong path. Sometimes I said what I had to say and sometimes I didn't. Too my mind it all depended on the situation at hand and had it gone that far to worry? Friends have gone down the wrong road and some have risen above all that. I thank those who listened to my experiences and advise.

Please look out for social paths in society. Don't ever be with anyone who expects that everything should be free in society. How boring would that get without challenges in life. When we begin to think like that, we end up on the couch in front of a fantasy played out on TV. You make the fantasy, not the TV!

Ask yourself this person benefits your life. Ask this to yourself as soon as you interact with them. Are they honest? So many folks in my life have lied about where they were at and what they were up to, Lied about who they spoke with on the phone or employees lying about why they could not show for work. So many poor choices we see but ignore. So many times I could have moved out of a situation and put the honest person in. Are you honest enough to interfere in someones life and always question the outcome of your involvement to the situation. Does it benefit both of you.

Is that person reliable? A person will promise to do something, but does it really take that much time to fulfill that promise? Are they capable of fulfilling the promise? Do they show up to work on time? Are they always late and why? Are they reliable to their word? Do they "do what they say they did".

Are they competent? Do they have the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully. Advise to folks picking out a date on Valentine's Day, make sure they have a car and job. Student dating is tough. Find the one who excels and is looking for that prosperous future. Can they be competent enough to reach necessary goals in life.

Are they compassionate and kind? Will this person suffer with you and then bring you out of your suffering to something better? Would they provide a meal to someone in need? Being nice and compassionate are core skills that shape lifetime relationships between friends and couples. Why would you choose someone who does not have these qualities?

Are they capable of taking the blame? Does this person claim to be perfect? Do they appear do be selfish at times and want to be the center of everything? I don't think this type of person is capable of taking the blame. If it is all about them at your Valentine's night out, dump them real quick. Tell them that you have a family emergency. Your are being honest and saving your family from a social path. If I can't do something, it is good you all know in advance before the rug gets pulled out from under our feet. I have no shame in that. Advance warning are my thing.

Is this person able to preserve the lifetime commitment? Commit to the dirty dishes, laundry, paycheck, gas, cars, bills, worry, home repairs and millions of other choirs to keep a family going. Are they looking for a future with you. Not just as a love interest, but as a friend. Are they in it for the long run and are willing to keep it. Will they say no ill things about you? What ever may take, will they preserve the commitment?

Are they modest and humble? Does this person have respect for others? Do they open the door for elderly folks? Do they boast or brag? There again is a person probably not capable of taking the blame on anything. When a person is modest and humble, they have a moderate view of their own capabilities. That is, they are not necessarily underestimate the financial value of themselves, but they would never overvalue. Who do they idolize? Let's hope it is not a serial killer!

Are they pacific and can control anger? Do they get angry a lot or short tempered in certain situations? Do small actions of others and themselves set off a rage in them? Can they be pacific in goals or future actions? Do they sound vague in intention? Are they bipolar or schizophrenic in behavior? Are you able to handle this behavior and put that person in a better place? The world is a crazy place and so many folks showing these personality traits. Who can stay calm during the storm?

I hope the best for everyone this Valentine's Day. I hope that you make your own wonderful movie of happiness. Something that folks will brag about and wish they had the same. I hope you have the courage to battle all these quest in finding the right people to hang with. I have made many mistakes, but I now see all the wonderful folks God has placed around to protect me. Pick wisely!

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