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Hempvana Arrow Posture

Did you know that looking down at your phone can cause text neck? Now there’s an easy way to alleviate slouching, hunching over, and text neck with Hempvana® Arrow Posture™. Unlike other back support braces, Hempvana® Arrow Posture™ is made with fibers from the hemp plant. The easy-to-wear garment is the perfect back support for posture. Simply slide the straps around your shoulders and wrap the waistband around your waist. Then fasten it securely and adjust the straps under the arms. It’s that simple! Hempvana® Arrow Posture™ helps you stand up straight and tall. As Seen On TV. Packaging may vary.

Hempvana® Arrow Posture™ sizes fit as follows:

S/M: men’s waist 25” to 36” and women’s size 0-16

L/XL: men’s waist 37” to 58” and women’s size 18-38

What Is the material made of?

Outer layer - 100% polyester

Middle layer - 100% neoprene

Inner upper layer - 97% polyester, 8% hemp fiber

Inner lower layer -  100% polyester 


Slide straps around your shoulders

Wrap the waistband around your torso

Fasten securely for a custom and comfortable fit

Adjust straps under each arm

Airing on TV now!

Back support brace
Fully adjustable
Made with fibers from the Hemp Plant
Helps with slouching, hunching over, and text neck
Support posture so you can stand straight & tall
Available in sizes S/M and L/XL
Includes one (1) Hempvana® Arrow Posture™ support garment

Deluxe Hempvana Arrow Posture

Deluxe Hempvana Arrow Posture Special Offer

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