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Girls Guardian Angel Costume

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Having a heavenly helper on your side can be, well, very helpful. They might help you find your wallet at the last second while standing in the checkout line at the store, or remind you to turn the oven off before leaving for work one day. On rare occasions, they've even been known to whisper a little reminder in your ear to fill the car up with gas if the Low Fuel light burns out. But if you're thinking to yourself that while all of this help is great, it seems pretty basic for an angelic being, it's probably because when a guardian angel helps out in a really big way, you won't notice. What kinds of big things are we talking about? You probably don't even wanna know...

But that's what guardian angels are there for, to worry about that stuff so you don't have to. And they look marvelously graceful while they're at it, just like your little angel does in this costume!

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Features 100% polyester

White velvet dress, sheer white sleeves, sheer white panel over gold skirt

Attached gold ribbon belt, decorative gold trim embellish dress

White feather and gold tinsel halo is attached to a plastic headband

White & gold wings are edged with wire for shape; elastic shoulder straps

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