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Fashion Design-Unisex Stylish Design Face Masks

$20 - Offer - 1 Quantity = 3 Masks ($6.67 only for each mask!)

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t’s soft, light-fast, and easy to clean because polypropylene has no active dye sites. It’s also super strong and can be cleaned with bleach; even with dark colors. The best way to wash polypropylene fabric is to hand wash it in the sink with antibacterial soap and then allow it to air dry inside and out, according to WEBMD. Complex layer of Polypropylene fibers are used in N95 masks to protect the wearer by trapping infectious particles.

Please allow 1-4 days Shipping. In order to comply with global Covid-19 regulations, we’re minimizing our staff working hours and prioritizing their safety.

Polypropylene Masks
These masks are typically designed for sports use where wind and thermal protection is desired. Because the material is thick, it can prevent the spread of droplets from the mouth and nose, depending on mask design. Polypropylene fabrics are washable and reusable. Masks should be washed before reuse.
Filters are not included.
It can be washed by hand or in normal water in warm water. 3 in the package.
Available in black, charcoal gray , and blue.
Washable and reusable.
Equipped with pocket opening to put a filter (you can use HEPA filter, additional cloth, tissue or vacuum bags) ***
Suitable for cycling, camping, running, traveling, climbing and daily use.
Fashion Design-Unisex stylish design. It protects you while making you look very stylish and beautiful.
100% polypropylene PPE fabric used to provide a comfortable protective layer.

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