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The ESCORT MAX 360 c is the first driver alert system designed for the connected car. When paired directly to the car’s WiFi (2.4 GHz only), the MAX 360 c automatically connects to ESCORT Live® without the need for a smartphone. Through the ESCORT Live app users are connected to 3.5 million registered users who generate over 8 million alerts per month.

In addition to the ESCORT Live community, the MAX 360 c can be updated to the latest software and firmware over the air when connected to a WiFi network, eliminating the need to remove the detector from the car.

The ESCORT MAX 360 c offers true 360 degree protection against all ticket threats out there today. Its front and rear dual antennae design offers pinpoint precision. Multi-directional arrows indicate the direction of the threat and ESCORT’s patented GPS-based Auto Learn technology, combined with IVT filtering reduces false alerts.

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