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Cookie Press Machine

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This holiday if you are going to be making a lot of cookies then you need the cookie press machine as your cookie making assistant!

Include 3 parts: Cookie press machine, 20 different flower pattern pieces and 4 different mounted flower mouth.

Can make 20 kinds of biscuits and four flower decoration as biscuit machine, easy operation by just pressing it, then a piece of biscuit comes out, maximum up to 20.

Mechanical control result in accurate same product size thickness as mounted flower gun, press the front button of handle and use the above draw bar to push the proper quantity.

Experience a classic press that is truly comfortable Its ergonomic handle feels great in any hand and the easy-squeeze action releases perfectly shaped dough.

Enables you to quickly and easily produce a variety of attractively shaped biscuits.

Made of aluminum material natural and harmless, tasteless and non corrosive.

Can be cleaned by water and keep it like new for a long time.

Biscuit machine dimension: Approx. 21 x 5.5cm

Flower pattern piece dimension: Approx. 5cm (D)

Mounted flower mouth dimension: Approx. 5 x 5.5cm

Material: Aluminum


1 x Biscuit Machine

20 x Flower Pattern Piece

4 x Mounted Flower Mouth

1 x Manual

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