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Every family has a crazy holiday story. There was that time when your cousin's cousin got stranded in the local deer park. He was trying to catch a ride with a local buck back to The North Pole because he didn't get the Hot Wheels set he was promised. He never lived that one down. Then there was the time when aunt Lydia insisted on molding a tofurkey for the family and all the meat and potatoes uncles staged a KFC rebellion. The joke was on them, that to funky was actually pretty darn delicious. The best thing you can do to make sure your holiday goes smoothly? Organize some unforgettable controlled chaos. Lucky for you, you've come to the right page! Also see our selection of Christmas & Holiday clothing.

Fun Details

Maybe the family can finally stop talking about the time Uncle Ned fell asleep under the Christmas tree now that you've got this deeply disturbing Christmas onesie. With white-tighty clad legs and a Christmas sweater printed on top of the comfortable material, you'll remain comfortable while raising the eyebrows of respectable revelers around you. Simply jump in zip up and watch as you make unforgettable holiday memories.

Getting a leg up on Christmas

So maybe this isn't the best idea for a family event. Maybe it is, we don't know your family. But it'll surely be a hit at Ugly Christmas pajama parties! With bare legs and a warm heart, your karaoke rendition of "Deck the Halls" will be one for the books!

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