Blue Castello Cheese (1 lb)

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

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Made from Cow's milk Flavor: Mild Recommended Wine: Chateau-Neuf du Pape Product of Denmark Hand cut to order Blue Castello is a cow's milk cheese made in Denmark. On the outside, Castello has a colorful rind which it can attribute to the variety of molds that grow on it. On the inside, Blue Castello is similar in texture to Brie; creamy, smooth t jumping off point for anyone who is new blue cheese. The longer you keep your Blue Castello, the more you will notice an evolution in its flavor. Keep it for no longer than six weeks, or else some of the new emerging flavors might put you off. This is a great cheese to cook with or to serve as part of a cheese platter. If you are looking for a wine pairing, opt for a young and fruity red, or a dry white wine. We suggest castello blue cheese, blue castello, castello danish blue cheese, castello danish blue, castello creamy blue cheese, castello creamy blue, and castello blue cheese slices.

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